Friday, June 5, 2015

A Night at the 1st Grade Museum!

I just have to say as much as I would like to take credit of the awesome title "A Night at the 1st Grade Museum," all credit goes to my students! I was telling them about how I am always learning and read other teacher's blogs (they love looking at my blog and seeing pictures of themselves-with permission of course). I explained how a teacher I follow explained Open House to her first grade students. She said think of it like going to a museum. So I took this amazing idea (I can't remember who I got it from so if it is you-thank you) and found myself saying to them, "that's museum work!" as they were completing their projects and many other things we were working on for open house. I told them they were like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Then one student raises their hand and says, "Mrs. O'Connell it's like Night at the Museum." Then one says, "A Night at the 1st Grade Museum!" It was pretty much decided at that moment with an anonymous "yes!" that our night was going to be called A Night at the 1st Grade Museum! Welcome to our museum...


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